Laura "Layla" Balducci (guitar) - 1988

Music went with me from the beginning of my life. I've always been interested in any artistic field, from dancing to drawing, from music to singing. At the age of 7 I started my piano lessons while my brother Fabio gave me some bass guitar lessons.

When I was 11, I started to play classical guitar with my music teacher at school, a very important person for me.

In December 2004 together with my brother, Pixel and Leira, we gave birth to the "Rising Shadows", and in 2007 the new band Synful Ira rose from the ashes of this project. In addition to my main role in the band as a rhythmic guitarist, I'm involved in writing new songs, covers arrangements and the band styling.

Letizia "Leira" Chiozzi (vocals) - 1985

I was always fond of music, dancing and singing. I started to play keyboard on my own, listening to classical music, so my love to creating music and singing increased.

At 17 years old I began my first singing course at high school "Liceo della Comunicazione" in Rimini, and the following year I attended a piano class in the same school. When I was 19, after my school-leaving, my strong passion for singing went on, and finally in 2005 I accepted my first offering to join a band, the "Rising Shadows", as a singer.

In spring 2007 I started to take singing lessons, increasing my vocal techiques and my self-confidence so much. After changing the name and some members of the band, the project Synful Ira had born.

This band is the only one for me and I always do my best and, at last, in 2011 we've recored our first studio album, "Between Hope and Fear". Working in the studio for the first time, (let me find) a strongest, more powerful and new Leira, and now I am actually ready to front every Synful Ira's shows.

Filippo "Filo" Martignano (keyboards) - 1991

My first approach to my passion comes in 1995, when I was 4, under the guidance of Elena Indellicati who introduced me to the bases of music.

Since when I was 6 I attended piano lessons which gave me a strong technical bases, and in 2007 I decided to concentrate on composition and in other musical genres.

Meanwhile I learnt to play other instruments, such as guitar and bass, to widen my musical horizons. This allowed me to be a member of some hard rock/heavy/prog-metal bands as a guitarist/keyboard player.

Thanks to the acquired experience on stage, good technical bases and a great interest for composition and contamination from many different styles of music (electro, rock, fusion, soundtracks, progressive), now I'm involved as a composer and instrumentalist in Synful Ira and Echotime rock band (hard'n'heavy tribute band).

Fabio "Baldo" Balducci (guitar) - 1982

I've always been surrounded by music in my life: my mother sings in a choir, my father was a trumpeter, two of my uncles play the guitar and the accordion, and my grandpa was a great mandolin player.

When I was 12 I started to study classical guitar in a experimental course in my school, then I continued for two years in a private school. Then I gave up my classical studies for devoting to the electric guitar.

At the age of 21, after discovering progressive metal, I earnestly decided to start studying electric guitar with Michele "Dr.Viossy" Vioni (MMI teacher).

In December 2004 I agreed on creating an Evanescence and Nightwish cover band, together with Laura, Letizia and Emanuele. At the beginning the project was named Rising Shadows, then the name was changed in Synful Ira in 2007, when the final line up was settled. In 2010 I started the composition of "Between Hope and Fear", first Synful Ira's concept album recorded at Pristudio in Bologna, for the label logic(il)logic.

Since 2007 I've been a member of Ancient Bards, a power metal band. With them I recorded two albums released by the German Limb music.

Emanuele "Pixel" Chiozzi (bass) - 1982

As a child I loved singing and listening to music, but the very first time I approached music was at 16, when a friend of mine taught me the basics of guitar. After a couple of months I started to study on my own with great devotion, care and passion.

When I was at the second year of university I met Fabio who was looking for a bass guitarist for his band, so I accepted his pThe core of the band was formed by me, my sister Lety, Fabio and his sister Laura. When the keyboard player and the drummer joined the band, the Rising Shadows was born. With them I started my new live experience, together with other musical projects up to the most important one called Synful Ira.

Marco "Markino" Renzi (drums) - 1983

Born in the Halloween night of the year 1983, the passion for music and drums in particular grew in me since I was 2. As a child I attended for three years the Drum Percussion College in Cagli, where I learnt to use that instrument in a band.

Since when I was 14 I showed a great attitude in interplay and I stood out for the rhythmic sense, the sound and the instrumental parts accuracy, and for my ability to adapt to different musical genres.

Very soon I became one of the most required drummers in Rimini area, and I took part in different professional situations. Since September 2007 I'm an active member of Synful Ira.