Between Hope And Fear” is a concept album born from the idea of telling a true story instead of an invented plot. The composition and the choice of sounds and voices in each song is unique because everything revolves around the subject matter and state of mind of the protagonist of the story in that particular passage. It deliberately doesn't follow a single style (gothic, power, prog, elettronic, industrial, pop, etc ...), but the different genres adjust to the theme of the song and they can even change within the same song. The music in this album is conceived as a soundtrack for the hypothetical film of this story.

Leira: the protagonist's voice
Layla: the protagonist's voice of conscience (Sound Of Life – Chorus. Revenge Of Mind)
Fabio: voice of the protagonist's inner fears (Chorus. Inside My Fears)
Pixel: voice of the protagonist's new love (New Love)
All: voices of the protagonist's loved ones (Chorus. Shining Tracks)

1 - Sound Of Life: It 's the album intro and the narrator (Laura) introduces the story. The melody prepares the listener at the beginning of "True Lies"

2 - True Lies: The protagonist discovers that he was betrayed and reflects with himself. The chorus is more cheerful to represent the false promises that were made, in strong contrast with the tragic melody and the spoken lyrics in the verse. Theme: Betrayal and lies.

3 - Behind The Suspect: The protagonist has a flashback and remembers when he had a foreboding feeling of what would happen then. Verses are fast and frantic to represent the anxiety caused by jealousy. In the final, hypothetical call from the traitor to his lover. Theme: Suspicion and jealousy.

4 - Shining Tracks: The protagonist falls into depression and during one of his solitary walks finds himself near the railway station and begins a dangerous walk on the tracks ,but in the end he returns himself and survives the oncoming train. The chorus represents the voices of his loved ones . (Chorus All). Very slow song that represents the slow reflective walk of the protagonist and recalls the repetitive sound of a level crossing and a train. Topic: Depression and determination.

5 - Revenge Of Mind: After the depressive phase, the protagonist gives in to hatred and plots his revenge on those who made him suffer, but also here his conscience (Chorus Laura) prevails and prevents him from doing something silly. From the melodic point of view, the heaviest song of the album. Topics: Anger and revenge.

6 - Inside My Fears: New depressing moment for the protagonist who, overcome anger, feels now useless and unable to start over and begins a fierce battle between himself and his fears (Chorus Fabio). Fast verses to represent the protagonist's escape from the fears, slow and heavy chorus portraying the dangerous advance of fears. Topics: Fear.

7 - My Friend: Once defeated his fears, the protagonist has a sharp surge of pride that leads him to wander around the city with an incredibly snob and detached attitude ... His best friend tries to get him back by standing by his side. Slow electronic parts to represent a typical snob walking. Theme: Friendship.

8 - Hope: Although his friend's help the protagonist is not fully recovered yet, but at this point there is a special meeting that tears down his barrier. Here his whole view of feelings begins to change and there's an opening for a new love. Extensive use of acoustic guitar to emphasize the protagonist's new phase of peace. Topic: Hope.

9 - 8:45: The protagonist has a moment of peace in which he can switch off his mind and relax while waiting for his new love in the station. Piano solo that purposely connects the tonalities of "Hope" and "New Love" to represent the inner peace, finally reached. Theme: Inner peace.

10 - New Love: The protagonist finally has a love story and everything seems to be fine. Promise of love from the new loved one (Bridge. Emanuele) Almost a pop song with extensive use of piano and acoustic guitar to show the protagonist's peace of mind. Topic: Love and happiness.

11 - Fatal Temptation: Terrible setback for the protagonist who, once victim of betrayal, risks in turn betraying his loved one ... Luckily he doesn't give up, but it makes him decide to leave everyone and everything for a while to reflect... Very heavy song that represents the anger the protagonist feels towards himself. Theme: Temptation.

12 - Destiny: The protagonist is now away from everyone and speaks for the first time directly to the listener, retracing some phases of his life that helped him regain his serenity. The song is a rearranged medley of all songs on the album and in the end it returns to the theme of “Sound Of Life”, to close the circle and therefore represent the cyclical nature of the various states of mind faced in everyday life. Theme: Self-criticism and loneliness.