Synful Ira were born in April 2007, by the original idea of Fabio and Laura Balducci (guitars).It all began as a Evanescence's and Nightwish's tribute band.

In September 2010 the band decided to leave the original tribute project by presenting his first Promo CD: "The Hard Reality". The Promo CD contained 5 of the 12 records contained in the full-length proving very popular among the public.

In April 2011 Synful Ira, at the Doctorstudios in Bologna, with Roberto Priori, began the recording of the full-length album. The album, titled "Between Hope and Fear" was inspired by a true story. It is a mix of very different sounds: melodic parts with an extensive use of piano and acoustic guitar, symphonic parts with orchestral arrangements and heavy parts with strong giutar arrangements intertwined with very modern and attractive electronic keyboard riffs, all of this in order to follow as a great soundtrack the unfolding of the history.